Ever heard of MLBB or MSBB?

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Ever heard of MLBB or MSBB?

Just in case you’re not aware of this MLBB or MSBB sensation, it actually stands for
“My Lips But Better” and “My Skin But Better.” It’s known as Korea’s newest makeup trend.


You might still be thinking ‘so.. what is that again..?’ Well, MLBB is that one shade that most closely matches your natural lip color. You’ll discover that this magical MLBB lipstick adds polish to your everyday look, and your face will brighten up with just a few swipes.  


The most important factor is that it must be natural-looking, and easy to wear all day; it’s going to be your go-to color when you need a little something. MLBB is the lipstick that’s always going to be “wear and go.”

It’s quite hard to choose the best color for your lips, so here are a few lipsticks that might be perfect for you. For the most natural look, don’t forget to pick a satin or creamy finish!




These colors give the perfect amount of color for a bright and fresh-faced look. If you’re heading out, it’s ideal for offsetting your dramatic eye makeup.


Honestly, it’s an agony finding the foundation that perfectly matches your skin. Some women believe that wearing foundation might look chalky, heavy, or the wrong shade. Yes, all these things can happen but if you find the right product and routine for your skin, it can give you a “MSBB” (My Skin But Better natural radiance; fresh, youthful and dewy appearance.


Don’t forget to spend most of your time in skincare. Exfoliate, so the products will absorb into the skin much better. Instead of applying too much of everything, make sure that each step is absorbed perfectly before applying the next.


Neglecting the makeup base is a no-no. The primers come in all sorts of colors, and they can conceal specific skin concerns like redness or dullness, before the foundation step.

Green: Removes redness

Purple: Eliminates unwanted yellow undertones

Pink/Peach: Adds luminosity  

Yellow: Hides your blue-purple blood vessels


Although cushion foundation is booming, liquid foundation is much more suitable for MSBB, because “super-slim” is the key. You can also mix a small amount of illuminating base with the liquid foundation to add a touch of spotlight!



Written by Jennifer Choi

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