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Say hello to our new KLAVUU products! 

Klavuu is a new Korean brand that uses pearl and seaweed extracts as main ingredients to create their white pearlsation (pearl + sensation) cream, serum, toner, etc.

The name KLAVUU is a combination of two Swedish words KLAR, which stands for clean and VUU, which is a metaphor for belief/perspective; these two words make up KLAVUU [KLAR-VIEW], which means clear and transparent belief. 

Here are some benefits that can be found in this White Pearlsation line:

1.       Domestic pearl extracts clear and brightens complexion

2.       Seaweed extract increases skin elasticity

3.       Agar-agar extract prevents acne formation


White Pearlsation Special Divine Pearl Serum

KLAVUU is a fairly new brand, so if you have no idea what this serum does, it’s OK; you’re not alone. 

The Special Divine Pearl Serum contains real pearl and 33 seaweed extracts which reduces blemishes, brightens your skin and soothes wrinkles to make your skin look healthy again!

As mentioned above, the ingredients in these serum reduces signs of aging, brightens skin, and dark spots to even out the skin tone.

This serum is packaged in an elegant metallic packaging, and it actually looks super luxurious. It also comes in a pump, so it’s very easy to use.



Using your fingertips, lightly spread 1-2 pumps, avoiding the eye area. 
In upward circular motion, gently absorb the serum into the skin.

The substance isn’t clear, but it’s somewhat milky and has tiny little sparkles to it. The KLAVUU serum is pretty light weighed, but also feels like a moisturizer; it hydrated my skin, which was very helpful.

To me, there were no sticky feeling when I was using both the serum and cream, so if you don’t like that stickiness, this is the skincare product for you!


White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Cream

If your skin is dry or even combination, this is the perfect moisturizer for you; however, it might be too rich for oily skin. Just like the Special Divine Pearl Serum, the cream exfoliates, brightens, tones and firms your skin.

The creamy texture is very similar to shea butter, and it’s rather thick than watery or oily; it feels super luxurious and soft on the skin. 

Unlike other moisturizers that instantly moisturized the skin, the pearl cream felt like it brightened and firmed my skin overnight.


White Pearlsation Revitalizing Pearl Treatment Toner

This toner was amazing! Hands down one of the best toners I’ve ever tried. 

The consistency is a bit thick and milky so it doesn’t absorb into the skin right away, but it only takes about 20 seconds until it’s gone. 

Just like the serum and cream, the toner also contains pearl extract, which are also known to remove blemishes. 

This toner is good for all skin types, especially dry and combination; it’ll nourish and plump up the skin with hydration!



After a little less than 10 days, I noticed my skin getting somewhat brighter and smoother than before.

So there was a difference in my skin by using the KLAVUU White Pearlsation line.

KLAVUU’s White Pearlsation line will make your skin feel smoother than ever! 



By Jennifer Choi

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