[INNISFREE] Jeju Lava Seawater Serum
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  • 50ml 
  • All skin types
  • turns dull and dark skin into dewy and bright skin
  • Made in Korea


Highly moisturizing Barrier essence with ceramide and Jeju lava seawater which revitalizes skin moisture energy for strong skin. Special mineral is contained for anti-aging effect. 3 kinds of moisture factor and natural moisturizing factor are enhanced by jeju lava seawater for vital moisture skin barrier. Essence & Ceramide double caring - as soon as be applied, essence and ceramide capsule are mixed for full moisturizing, caring your skin strong. Jeju lava seawater 73.8% contained.


▷ Directions

- After skin toner, pump 1~2 times and apply evenly to face.





1. Jeju lava seawater, born through a journey lasting hundreds of thousands of years
Jeju lava seawater filtered by Jeju volcanic bedrock over hundreds of thousands of years

2. Antioxidant water maintaining constant temperature and pH level
Compositions and level of salt are maintained regardless of environmental conditions

3. Special properties of lava seawater
Volcanic bedrock adds special minerals to seawater as it permeates through


Jeju Lava is?

1. Powerful moisturizing energy of Jeju lava seawater produced during the creation of Jeju Island
Jeju lava seawater with special minerals gives a boost to skin hydration to help the skin fight against onset of aging.

2. Highly functional barrier with three types of moisturizing factors
Jeju lava seawater strengthens three types of moisturizing factors as well as natural moisturizing factors to build up a strong moisture barrier.

3. Light formula, but powerful deep hydration anti-aging effect
Refreshing Water Formula is quickly absorbed into the skin in order to moisturize it while at the same time, energize the skin to keep it well-moisturized.

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